Here you will find the Club rules, AGM minutes, Minutes of Committee Meetings, Annual Reports and Treasruer's Reports, etc.

It also includes the review of options carried out the committee in 2016 in response to the AGM motion to look at the options of remaining a CTC (now Cycling UK) member group, affiliating to CTC, affiliating to British Cycling and membership of The Clarion. Following this review, a decision was made to remain a CTC member group.

Download this file (ReviewofOptions_2016-website.pdf)ReviewofOptions_WinchesterCTC[Summary of review of options in 2016]71 kB
Download this file (Minutes_CommitteeWCTC_13112017_website.pdf)Minutes_CommiteeWCTC_131117[Minutes of Winchester CTC Committee Meeting on 13.11.2017]79 kB
Download this file (AGM_2017_Minutes.docx)AGM_2017_Minutes[Minutes of Winchester CTC AGM 2017]29 kB
Download this file (SummaryAccounts_WCTC_ 2016-17.pdf)SummaryAccounts_WCTC_2017[Summay Accounts Winchester CTC 2016-2017]12 kB
Download this file (AnnualReport_WCTC_2017.pdf)AnnualReport_WCTC_2017[Annual Report Winchester CTC 2016 - 2017]104 kB
Download this file (Treasurer's Report Summary 2016.pdf)AGM_2016_Treasurer's Report[Summary Treasurer's Report 2015 - 2016]14 kB
Download this file (AnnualReport_WCTC_2015_2016_Final.docx)Annual Report_WCTC_2015_2016[Annual Report 2015 - 2016 for Winchester CTC]39 kB
Download this file (AGM_2016_Minutes.docx)AGM_2016_Minutes[Minutes of AGM 2016]30 kB
Download this file (WinchesterCTC_RULES_2016__01112016.docx)Winchester CTC Rules_2016[Rules of Winchester CTC updated November 2016]24 kB


24 Feb 2018
13:30 -
Saturday Ride
25 Feb 2018
09:00 -
Coffee: Carlos
02 Mar 2018
09:30 -
Friday Ride
03 Mar 2018
09:30 -
Saturday Ride
04 Mar 2018
08:30 -
Coffee: QE Country Park. Note 08:30 Start
06 Mar 2018
09:30 -
Tuesday Ride

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