Wednesday Evening Rides & Survey

We have run Wednesday Evening Rides for many years and currently split into two groups (moderate and faster). Each ride passes a designated pub where some riders stop for food/drink and others return to Winchester .

The increased popularity of the rides has caused a few problems and so your committee is considering how we can improve them.

As an initial step and with effect from Wednesday 27 May, we are continuing the idea trialled in April of a 2nd FASTER ride (15-17 mph) starting at KAS at 6pm. The rides will last 1½-2 ½hrs, depending on daylight and weather conditions, and end at a pub back in Winchester. This group will elect its own registered leader the previous week together with a general route. See rides list for further information.

The existing 7pm rides are unchanged; there will still be FASTER and MODERATE groups leaving at this time.

Before we make any other changes to the current format we want your views. If we make changes, it will only be what members want and importantly what we can provide in terms of leaders. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey attached below.

Download this file (SurveyForm_WednesdayEveningRides_website.docx)WCTC Wednesday Survey[WCTC Wednesday Evening Survey]18 Kb

Winchester CTC Clothing 2015 Order

Winchester CTC Clothing July 2015 Order

We intend to place another order for club clothing on Monday 6th July 2015.

 A range of custom printed garments manufactured by Kalas to a design agreed by the Committee is being offered to CTC members. There are two levels of specification for the jerseys - "Active" and "Elite”.The specifications, materials, sizes, garments available, etc are described in the attachment entitled "Description and Order Form".


We see the club clothing partly as a service to members and in order to encourage more members to wear the tops, the Committee has agreed the following discounts:

· If you did not order a garment in 2014, you are entitled to a 30% discount on your 1st item and a 15% discount on subsequent items.

· If you ordered a garment in 2014, you are entitled to a discount of 15% on any garment ordered in 2015.


Download this file (WinchesterCTC Clothing_Description_OrderForm_Final.docx)Winchester CTC 2015 Clothing[Winchester CTC 2015 Clothing Description & Order Form]211 Kb